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This paper deals with a nonlinear filtering problem in which a multi-dimensional signal process is additively affected by a process $\nu$ whose components have paths of bounded variation. The presence of the process $\nu$ prevents from directly applying classical results and novel estimates need to be derived. By making use of the so-called reference probability measure approach, we derive the Zakai equation satisfied by the unnormalized filtering process, and then we deduce the corresponding Kushner-Stratonovich equation. Under the condition that the jump times of the process $\nu$ do not accumulate over the considered time horizon, we show that the unnormalized filtering process is the unique solution to the Zakai equation, in the class of measure-valued processes having a square-integrable density. Our analysis paves the way to the study of stochastic control problems where a decision maker can exert singular controls in order to adjust the dynamics of an unobservable Itô-process.


AMS 2020: 93E11, 60H15; 60J25, 60J76