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CBD is a promising candidate for treatment of many diseases and plays a major role in the growing trend to produce high-end drugs from natural, renewable resources. In the present work, we demonstrate a way to incorporate the anti-inflammatory drug CBD into smart microgel particles. The copolymer microgels that we chose as carrier systems exhibit a volume phase transition temperature of 39∘C, which is just above normal body temperature and makes them ideal candidates for hyperthermia treatment. While a simple loading route of CBD was not successful due to the enormous hydrophobicity of CBD, an alternative route was developed by immersing the microgels in ethanol. Despite the expected loss of thermoresponsive behaviour of the microgel matrix due to the solvent exchange, a temperature-dependent release of CBD was detected by the material, creating an interesting question of interactions between CBD and the microgel particles in ethanol. Furthermore, the method developed for loading of the microgel particles with CBD in ethanol was further improved by a subsequent transfer of the loaded particles into water, which proves to be an even more promising approach due to the successful temperature-dependent release of the drug above the collapse temperature of the microgels.