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Background: The German Questionnaire to Assess Resources for Children and Adolescents (QARCA; Lohaus & Nussbeck, 2016 ) is a diagnostic questionnaire that estimates six personal resources and four environmental resources. This study aimed to develop a Chinese version of the QARCA. Due to the important cultural differences between China and Western countries, we focused on whether these resources in a Chinese sample could be similarly assessed with Western samples and whether the association between the subscales of the QARCA was comparable across cultures. Methods: The validation sample consisted of 2,600 Chinese students and 393 parents. Results and Discussion: The results indicated that the Chinese version was soundly adapted with its postulated factorial structure. Reliability estimates for the subscale scores were good and expected correlations within the QARCA, as well as with external criteria. It is the first Chinese measure that simultaneously assesses personal and environmental resources for youngsters.