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We investigate vacuum transitions in lattice higgs models at finite temperature. The 2 dimensional U(1) Higgs model is used as a toy model. In the 4 dimensional SU(2) Higgs model the region of the phase transition and temperatures above it are considered. The couplings (beta, kappa, lambda) = (2.25, 0.27, 0.5) and (8.0, 0.12996, 0.0017235) correspond to masses in lattice units (a(sigma) m(H), a(sigma) m(W)) of (0.02, 0.05) and (0.2, 0.2), respectively. The algorithm is described and a parallelized version is proposed. Taking the influence of the finite lattice into account we discuss temperature effects. We compare our results with perturbative estimates and claim that they link low and high temperature approximations.